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I declare that I take part in the above sports event at my own risk and that I am well trained and healthy in the competition.
The liability of the organizer for own negligence and that of his vicarious agents is, as far as permitted by law - thus subject to the statutory provisions on liability for intent and gross negligence as well as injury to life, limb and health - excluded. The sponsors as well as the municipality / city / municipality of the organizing association are not liable.

I agree that the personal data mentioned in my application, as far and as long as it is necessary for the execution of the event, are stored and processed. Furthermore, I allow my data to be published on the official starter list and in the results portal. In the case of a group registration, I assure by agreeing to these conditions of participation that I have the appropriate permit from all group members.

Photos taken by me / us as a group at the event, filming and interviews in radio, television, advertising, books and photomechanical duplications, may be used by the organizer without compensation claim on my part. Commercial use by the club or third parties is not covered by this consent.

I have the right to revoke the consent contained herein at any time - this would result in my starting permission expire.

I assure you that my date of birth is correct and that I will not pass on my starting number to any other person. I am aware that I will be disqualified if I change the official start number, in particular make the advertising print invisible or unrecognizable or if I let people accompany me on sports equipment (inline skates, bicycles, etc.).

Running events are organized according to the provisions of the German Athletics Federation (DLV).

Triathlons / duathlons are subject to the competition regulations of the German Triathlon Union (DTU) (sports regulations, organizers and organizers regulations) as well as the legal and procedural regulations and the disciplinary regulations.

The target channel must not be overhauled.

By registering, the participant accepts the competition requirements as well as the legal and procedural regulations, the disciplinary regulations and the conditions of the organizer / organizer according to the announcement as binding.

(with the click, I give my consent to the above terms and conditions)

(for club announcements, etc.)